Our mission is to provide exceptional compliance management solutions to marketplace lenders in a cost-effective and professional manner.

While you have been busy disrupting an entire industry, we saw an opportunity to do the same with compliance management. Up until now, the development of regulatory compliance programs for marketplace lenders has been the exclusive purview of (very) high-priced law firms. But no more. Our founder has taken what he has learned from providing cost-effective compliance solutions to investment advisers, hedge funds and broker-dealers, and applied it to marketplace lenders. Much like you are now, companies in those regulated industries were once at the mercy of the legal profession and its bloated hourly rates. Over time, compliance consulting firms arose to provide great service at a reasonable cost, so that now, no investment adviser or broker-dealer would ever think of turning to a law firm for compliance help. Yes, law firms certainly have their place - after all, we don’t want to set up your corporate entity or draft your offering documents - but why pay hefty legal fees when we can not only do it cheaper, but do it better.